Thursday, April 9, 2020


In this unprecedented time and as a community of technicians and artists, the Intermountain Desert Region would like to offer its support in helping members in the region to navigate the unemployment application process and use our networks to assist and connect with relief efforts. Please contact your local unemployment office to start the process to claim unemployment, If you could use help with navigating and completing the application, email and we’ll work to connect you with a board member or another member who can help. Additionally, if you’re able to help others navigate applications or know of any other relief efforts, please email us or share it on our Facebook page.

Have you been affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic? If you are in search of Finacial aid or maybe things to fill your time while you social distance, here are some links that could be of assistance.



***Please note the board members are not agents or advocates of unemployment Insurance nor can they provide unemployment insurance, but can help assist in your application.***

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